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Reason to Use the Ping website tool for Ranking Purpose:

Luckily you are on the page of ping website tool online where you can go to ping test free utility.
Using a website pinger URL is self-explanatory. If you are on this page of "Online URL Ping test", then all is well, otherwise, search "URL Ping test" from the top search box. You now have access to the tool. These 04 boxes will be visible to you.

  1. Enter your blog URL

  2. Enter your blog name

  3. Enter your blog updated URL

  4.  Enter your blog RSS feed URL

Press submit after entering the blog URL, blog name, newly updated URL, and RSS feed URL. Please wait for the processing to be completed. On the website that processes pings, you will see the green word "successful" and working tabs. We will use our free website ping tool to ping 69 top pages, and you will surely be visible to search engines in a short time. That’s all. And now you have completed your task and wait little minutes or hours to see your site is indexed/pinged in search engines. 




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