Htaccess Redirect Generator

1. Select redirect type

2. Enter your domain name

Do not include www. Domain name only - e.g.

3. Get your code

4. Copy the code to your .htaccess file

What is Htaccess Redirect Generator?

The Htaccess Redirect Generator is a tool used to create redirects in the .htaccess file of a web server. It's commonly used for managing URL changes, handling website migrations, and setting up canonical URL versions. This tool simplifies the process of implementing redirects and managing web page addresses.

Where to put the generated code? 

Htaccess files are placed in the root directory of your web server or any specific directory where you need to apply specific control instructions. For instance, when you want to manage visitor flow, secure directories, or redirect traffic to certain pages on the server. This website generates the appropriate syntax parameters for rewrite rules, which you can use in the .htaccess file to redirect visitors using various methods. Keep in mind that the .htaccess file is critical; even a small syntax error could make your site inaccessible. Always back up your old .htaccess file before making changes.

How to use Small SEO Tools Htaccess redirect code generator tool?

Small SEO Tools redirect code generator tool is a most popular and free to use tool which allows you to generate code for managing redirection. There are four simple steps to generate htaccess redirect code for your website.

Step #1: Select redirect type : 

 1) Redirect from www to non-www  .

 2) Redirect from non-www to www  .

Step #2: Enter you domain name or your website homepage address.


Step #3: Get your code .

Click on  : Get Ht-access Code.

Step #4: Copy Code to your .htaccess file

Copy your generated code in .htaccess file under "RewriteEngine On".



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